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Yoga Apparel and Yoga tools


Michelle Mihrusu

Global Yoga Ambassador
Michelle is a rare combination of soul and purpose and her practice encourages people to make a big impact on the world. Besides her engagement as a top fashion model in Milan, Italy she is a successful yoga teacher.

Nino Mendez

Global Yoga Ambassador
Originally from France, Nino’s yoga journey began in 2004 when he was introduced to his guru, Sri Dharma Mittra, in New York City. With affiliation to move his entire life, yoga was not a foreign concept, and he readily recognized that the benefits were beyond physical. After three years of daily practice with Sri Dharma Mittra, Nino completed his teacher training, he began travelling internationally to teach, study and share yoga. Nino is an expert in challenging students to break their plateau and reach the next level. He believes the only limit is in our minds and yoga practice is the only path to awaken the sleeping soul and reach our full potential – the true Self. When he is not on tour or teaching, you will find him in a hotel room practising yoga, studying anatomy in a coffee shop or creating music on the beach.

Max Guerra

Global Yoga Ambassador
Max does not have an intense story about how I became a yoga teacher. I wasn’t injured and yoga saved my life. I wasn’t coming out of a dark time in my life and I found yoga. Nope, I simply found something that made me feel awesome and embraced it and do it without too much thought. It was all about how it felt in my body and my mind! Max is also based in Milan, Italy and is one of Italy's premier fashion models.